Pricing Data Tampering in Automated Fare Collection with NFC-equipped Smartphone’s

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The Mainstay of this project is to identify the data tampering in the Near Field Communication (NFC) card employed in fare collections on automated applications.

Proposed System:

We Proposed a two different methodology for providing security in AFC system. Protection for Entrance data Fair Collection. Protecting the Entrance Data is the process in which whenever the users enter the station or toll then that entrance information will be encrypted and transmits that information to the server. if user change any information in the card that information will not change in the server at the fair calculating unit read the card information and decrypt that information and cross verify that information in the server based on the result fair will be calculated and each log is maintain in the server to easy track the particular user.

In these we add a complete environment for monitoring the behaviour of an individual user as mean by driving licence info, insurance info .etc. And all this information is attached with the NFC card. While providing card to the toll System, System automatically check all the necessary parameter as it is.