Provably secure and lightweight identity-based authenticated data sharing protocol for cyber-physical cloud environment

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The main aim of this project is Secure and efficient file storage and sharing via authenticated physical devices, data can be shared among n number of client connected in the cloud.

Proposed system:

In Proposed system, we introduced secure and efficient file storage and sharing cloud environment using mobile cloud. Mutual authentication is very important between two target device as the user and to the cloud server as mutual authentication makes the server to trust the cloud storage where user can store the data and from server end, server will verify the user credential to provide any service to that particular user.

Mutual authentication can be performed by using diffie Hellman algorithm. DF algorithm will provide common key to sever and to the user based on their parameter. Key Generation Centre would be the full trusted authority to generate the keys to user as key are generating at KGC the overload cannot be there in mobile .When user need to upload any file into mobile cloud then the user will generate the parameter for that particular file and provide the user attribute and request to KGC to generate key based on these parameter. From that key user will encrypt the file and stored in mobile cloud.

Cloud contains the encrypted information along with the parameter related to that file. If any user request to the cloud server with some attribute. Based on the attribute cloud will redirect all the related file to the user in order to decrypt the file user need the key for that file for that user request to KGC with the file attribute and user parameter.