Robot Assistant in Management of Diabetes in Children Based on the Internet of Things. (April 2017)


In this paper presents a new eHealth platform incorporating ARM11 processor to support an emerging multidimensional care approach for the treatment of diabetes.

Proposed system:

In this paper, we are implementing to government hospital for the purpose of cheking the sugar level for diabetic patients. The ARM11 processor identifies the patient either through a face recognition facility in the processor. Upon successful identification, the microprocessor starts interacting with the patient and how to use the medical devices using video demo. Similarly, the microprocessor attempts to establish a connection with the remote Disease Management Hub(DMH) using the same key subject to its pre-registration at the patient’s profile. If successful, the DMH server returns a unique identifier for the microprocessor that is used in all future communications across the platform layers. This ensures that the patients’ profiles match the patients, so that suggession will be provided from DMH. Then microprocessor will convey the suggestion through audio or visual message.