Robotics Projects

Robotic Projects

Robotics is the technology where robots are designed, constructed, operated and used for various applications. Robots are used in situations like detecting and defusing bombs, cleaning the toxic wastes, robotic arms are used to move large objects in space. Doing projects in this advanced technology is really innovative and requires lot of new and unique ideas.

To do robotic projects, students must know the details about components such as microcontroller, sensors, control systems, wired or wireless communication, and power required for operation of robots and its locomotion. Some of the technologies used in robotic projects are, 3G, GUI, Audio and video capturing, RFID, controlling robots through radio frequency (RF&DTMF), Zigbee, Bluetooth, GPS ,etc.
Nowadays robotic based projects are appropriate for all Engineering courses like ECE, EEE, E&I, etc. Students implement these projects in order to do material handling, process automation and other applications. Know More

Available Robotics Projects
Robotics Projects