Scheduling Advertisement Delivery In Vehicular Networks

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The main aim of this project is to deliver advertisements to vehicles in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks only if they are relevant to them.

Existing System:

Vehicular users are emerging as a prime market for targeted advertisement, where advertisements (ads) are sent from network points of access to vehicles, and displayed to passengers only if they are relevant to them. In this study, we take the viewpoint of a broker managing the advertisement system, and getting paid every time a relevant ad is displayed to an interested user. The broker selects the ads to broadcast at each point of access so as to maximize its revenue. In this context, we observe that choosing the ads that best fit the users’ interest could actually hurt the broker’s revenue.

Proposed System:

In Proposed system we consider a vehicular advertisement scenario where advertisers sign an agreement with a broker. Upon successfully displaying a relevant ad to an interested user the broker receives a payment determined by the value of the ad itself. In our environment broker controls a set of access points and decides which ad should be broadcasted. Vehicles passing by an access point get the ads, and display them to their drivers or passengers only if they are relevant to them. The number of impression (ads posted to interested vehicles) is reported periodically through a secure connection. Broker has to select the ads in real time to broadcast from each access points to maximize his revenue.