SEAT Secure Energy Efficient Automated Public Transport Ticketing System


The aim of our project to develop an IoT based Monitor System is implemented for tracking and implementing the ticketing system in public transport.

Existing system:

In the existing system Beacon based public transportation monitor system is implemented for fair collection from the people it’s based on the beacon tracking system, but there is not suitable for the public transportation in India due to the large population in the metro city. .

Proposed system:

Proposed System:
In the proposed system, An IoT based Monitor System is implemented for people in the industry. During the company visit, the temporary visit people not wear ID properly. And the person can’t handle their original ID proof by the office receptionist, hence it’s highly risk. So this concept is totally differing from the present system. When the person wants to visit the office, they want to register the complete details in the app; these data’s are sent to the server. If the people enter into office they want to turn on the beacon in the mobile. The monitor system receives the beacon ID and compare with the data base in the server. And send the data to the microcontroller system. The thermal printer in connected to the microcontroller. It’ll print the complete data in the sheet to the guard and he can check the person. It will be easy to carry and the person data are store in the database for future verification.