Secure Authentication Scheme for Medicine Anti-counterfeiting System in IoT Environment – Android mobile with NFC and NFC Cards (Oct-2017)


The aim of the project is Secure Authentication Scheme for Medicine Anticounterfeiting System in IoT Environment.

Proposed system:

We present a new authentication scheme for medicine anti-counterfeiting system in IoT Environment. The proposed scheme has the ability to authenticate medicine dosage forms online by the help of mobile device.

The proposed scheme is also capable to prevent the counterfeiting of medicine dosage forms. It further provides secure mutual authentication between the NFC tag placed on a dosage form and the server.

In the proposed scheme a NFC enabled mobile device acts as an interface between the NFC tag and the server, which reads the information, stored in the NFC tag and sends the information to the server.

The server verifies the authenticity of the dosage forms and sends response to the NFC enabled mobile device user. On the basis of the response received from the server, the customer (patient) can take his/her decision whether to purchase that medicine or not.