Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption (Preprint-2017)


The aim of this project is to revocable identity-based encryption (RIBE) for fulfills the security requirements of data sharing. And provide confidentiality and backward/forward secrecy simultaneously.

Proposed system:

In our proposed system using revocable identity-based encryption (RIBE) that fulfills the aforementioned security requirements for data sharing.RIBE features a mechanism that enables a sender to append the current time period to the cipher text such that the receiver can decrypt the cipher text only under the condition that he/she is not revoked at that time period. Such a data sharing system can provide confidentiality and backward secrecy. Furthermore, the method of decrypting and encrypting all the shared data can ensure forward secrecy. Also revocable storage identity-based encryptions (RS-IBE) for building a cost-effective data sharing system that fulfills the security goals, and provide formal definitions for RS-IBE and its corresponding security model.