Secure Payment System Utilizing MANET for Disaster Areas

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The main aim of this project is to develop an effective announcement network called CreditCoin, a new privacy-preserving incentive announcement network based on Blockchain.

Proposed System:

In this proposed system will provide the infrastructure less network between user and bank during disaster time. we introduce an endorsement-based mechanism to provide payment guarantees for a customer-to-merchant transaction and a multilevel endorsement (MLE) mechanism with a reduce communication overheads. Furthermore, payment systems are developed to provide electronic currency services .our secure payment system is centered on enabling offline transactions utilizing MANETs.

In designing such an MANET-based payment system, we introduce an multilevel-endorser scheme to sufficiently cover transaction amount.And then we use QR code transaction with a digitally signed photograph is proposed for authentication and to restrict an attacker from carrying to avoid duplicate QR transcation.And then proposed is crowdsensing road monitoring information to usefull all users.