Sensor Applications and Physiological Features in Driverse Drowsiness Detection: A Review


The aim of our project is to develop driver sleep detection, drunk and drive monitoring system. In additional we are implementing an alert system Based on the Parameters Monitored..

Existing system:

In the existing system, ECG and EEG sensor based Drowsiness detection is implemented and sensor are suitable in laboratory monitoring, but during driving it’s not suitable and, it connected to driver body, so there is not comfort to the person during driving and the sensor value may various depend upon light intensity so it give the abnormal result..

Proposed system:

In the proposed system, we are going to implement this project as a driver sleep detection and drunk and drive monitoring system. The camera is placed in raspberry pi to capture that the driver is in sleep mode with the help of image processing technology and the sensor are used for driver monitoring for avoid drink and drive. If it detects that the driver is in sleeping condition based on the eye closing the system capture the person and updated to server, the IOT modem is used for getting the location and updated to server. If the person drink and drive or drowsiness. The motor is continuously rotate but if it finds driver is in sleepy condition and drink and drive or accident updated to server and cutoff motor..