Smart Hear A Smartphone-Based Remote Microphone Hearing Assistive System Using Wireless Technologies


The aim of this project was to design a Smart Hear system using Smart phone Based Remote Microphone Hearing Assistive System Using Wireless Technologies..

Existing system:

In the existing system, smart phone based smart hear system is designed for hearing loss people. The deaf people can’t easily to communication to the normal people, so the people getting not comfortable to speak to another. Bluetooth based voice transmission concept is implemented for deaf people. There are many product readily available for deaf people, even the size is very small and comfort no need any headset, but in this paper headset based hearing system is implemented, it’s not comfort to the all type of deaf people.


Proposed system:

Proposed System:In the proposed system, disaster monitor and alert system is implemented for monitoring the environment activity. This type of system can implemented in all place for monitor the environmental activity. Here the communication is based upon FM (frequency Modulation). The controller continuously sensing the environment activity, if any change in the sensor it sends the control signal to the microcontroller and the microcontroller send the emergency message to the all frequency to hear the people. .