SSL: Smart Street Lamp based on Fog Computing for Smarter Cities

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The main aim of this paper is to monitor and control the performance of street lamps in a Smart city Environment using Fog computing.

Proposed system:

The street lamp is equipped with some sensors, such as location sensor, infrared sensor, and light sensor (Ambient sensor), to form an intelligent sensing street lamp. Where the, brightness of street lamps can be adjusted. Using these sensors, the street lamp can communicate with the server through the network. In this paper, the street lamp can periodically send reports on its current and voltage values.

Based on the current and voltage values of the street lamp, the server can determine the street lamp state. If the current of the street lamp is zero, but the voltage is not zero, then the server can conclude that the light bulb may be broken. By the location sensors in the street lamp, the server can be informed whether the street lamp is stolen. If , the street lamp is found lost or when the server finds the light bulbs of street lamps are broken, the server can send the detail location to the serviceman for repairing, so the serviceman can locate the broken street lamp accurately which improves efficiency. Thus based on the sensor values the server can process the received data from each street lamp and defines the stability and live status of the smart street lamp.