Watch & Do A Smart IoT Interaction System with Object Detection and Gaze Estimation

Aim: To detect target device is identified by various deep learning-based gaze estimation and object detection techniques and user can control the target IOT device by hand gesture. Existing System: The target device is identified by various Algorithms are used for gaze estimation and object detection techniques. Afterwards, hand gesture recognition is applied to generate […]

Leveraging Affective Hash tags for Ranking Music Recommendations

Aim: To implement a recommendation for music, based on the content of microblog, to extract affective contextual information from hashtags contained in these tweets. Existing System: Existing system uses manual intervention and usage based suggestion. The recommendation of any service is based on the number of users who already requested similar services on the same […]

Design and Implementation of an Android Application for Smart Shopping

Aim: The main aim of this project is to propose a user friendly location location-based real time shopping & IoT based advanced recommendation service for customers. Existing System: In the existing system users don’t have any suggestions about shopping area, they used to search manually and the will go to that place. Here the major […]

Blockchain For Large-Scale Internet of Things Data Storage and Protection

Aim: The main aim of this project is to provide security and Big IoT storage system to enable data market and it explains how the data market can be productively and cleverly achieved. Existing System: In the Existing system Cloud-based IoT requires more Storage demands in the cloud and it includes high level mathematical calculations. […]

Blockchain-based Decentralized Trust Management in Vehicular Networks

Aim: This project we are going to Provide Trusted Update on Traffic Status so that we can minimize the traffic jam based on blockchain techniques Existing System: In Existing System it provide the service of transmitting the traffic updates between two or more vehicles and the drawback in that system is we can have a […]

DL-Tags: DLT and Smart Tags for Decentralized, Privacy-Preserving, and Verifiable Supply Chain Management

Aim: The main aim of this project is to provide evidences of products origin and its journey across the supply chain by preventing tag duplication and manipulation. Existing System: The TagItSmart (TIS) system is an IoT-based solution for supply chain management which issues product’s Smart Tags and supports sharing of product-related information between stakeholders involved […]