Breast Cancer Detection Using Extreme Learning Machine Based on Feature Fusion With CNN Deep Features

Aim: To classify benign and malignant breast masses using K Nearest Neighbor based on Feature Fusion with CNN Deep Features. Existing System: K Nearest Neighbor has better classification effect on multi-dimensional features than other classifiers including Logistic regression, decision tree, etc.,based on our previous research. Thus, we use KNN to classify the extracted breast mass […]

Deep Ensemble Machine for Video Classification

Aim: This paper aim to classify the different types of videos using deep learning framework with convolution neural network (CNN) Existing System: The convolution 3-D (C3-D) and VGG (vision and graphics group) are first deployed to extract temporal and spatial features from the input videos cooperatively, which establishes comprehensive and informative representations of videos. VGG […]

Python IEEE 2019 Projects

IEEE PYTHON 2019 TOPICS Blockchain (Java and Python) Blockchain-Based Public Integrity Verification for Cloud Storage against Procrastinating Auditors Blockchain-assisted Public-key Encryption with Keyword Search against Keyword Guessing Attacks for Cloud Storage CReam: A Smart Contract Enabled Collusion-Resistant e-Auction NormaChain: A Blockchain-based Normalized Autonomous Transaction Settlement System for IoT-based E-commerce DL-Tags: DLT and Smart Tags for […]