Blockchain-based Decentralized Trust Management in Vehicular Networks

Aim: This project we are going to Provide Trusted Update on Traffic Status so that we can minimize the traffic jam based on blockchain techniques Existing System: In Existing System it provide the service of transmitting the traffic updates between two or more vehicles and the drawback in that system is we can have a […]

Scheduling Advertisement Delivery In Vehicular Networks

Aim: The main aim of this project is to deliver advertisements to vehicles in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks only if they are relevant to them. Existing System: Vehicular users are emerging as a prime market for targeted advertisement, where advertisements (ads) are sent from network points of access to vehicles, and displayed to passengers only […]

ASAP: An Anonymous Smart Parking and Payment Scheme In Vehicular Networks

Aim: The main aim of this project is to propose a smart parking providing anonymity and conditional privacy with E-cash payment scheme in vehicular networks. Proposed System: We propose a new anonymous smart-parking and payment (ASAP) scheme in vehicular networks where private owners are willing to offer their parking spots to cruising vehicles in return […]

Multi-Channel Based Sybil Attack Detection in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using RSSI

Aim: The main aim of this project is to detect Sybil Attack in VANET (Vehicular Ad Hoc Network) using RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator). Existing System: In Existing System Protocols can be classified into three categories: Resource testing based, trusted certification based, Position verification based mechanisms. The resource testing based methods may become invalid if […]