TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud (Jan-2017)


The main aim of the project is to increase the efficiency of searchable and Retrievable without any privacy leaks, TEES (Traffic and Energy saving Encrypted Search), a bandwidth and energy efficient encrypted search architecture over mobile cloud. The proposed architecture offloads the computation from mobile devices to the cloud, and we further optimize the communication between the mobile clients and the cloud.

Proposed system:

This paper addresses these issues by proposing an efficient encrypted data search (TEES) scheme as a System cloud service. This innovative scheme uses a lightweight trapdoor (encrypted keyword) compression method, which optimizes the data communication process by reducing the trapdoor’s size for traffic efficiency. We also propose two optimization methods for document search, called the trapdoor mapping table module and ranked serial binary search algorithm, to speed the search time.

The Provider possesses a set of documents and their indexes. It intends to outsource these to the cloud and let users contact the cloud for the search service. The Cloud is a commercial organization that provides computation and storage resources in the form of virtual machines, commonly known as “cloud” services. The User is someone who submits keywords to search documents that contain these keywords. In our scenario, users would use System device such as Computers, etc… submit search requests. Also according to our measurement, the trapdoor generation (steps 5 to 8 in Figure 1) time accounts for 59.9% of the total search delay. The types of modules identified from the proposed system