Trustworthy Electronic Voting Using Adjusted Blockchain Technology

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We are presenting a new e-Voting System with Fingerprint scanning that will overcome the drawbacks of the current voting methods that are used in India.

Existing System:

This is the current voting system used in India. In this system vote is cast using electronics ballet. In this we cast our vote in an electronics machine. This is a group of some counter and registers. This voting system is quite easy, simple. It has advantage like mobility, secure, flexibility for election commission. But in today world all people are so much busy that they don’t have time to vote. This paper presents a perspective in the electronic voting process. That includes but not limited to identifying the polling process, The polling process the actual voting process used on the polling day

Proposed System:

The proposed system is the Biometric online voting system with biometric fingerprint using aadhaar card. It determines the particular voter by his/her fingerprint whether he/she is a valid voter or not. It allows particular voter to cast the vote online. The polling process continues until the voting time ends and update the database in the server. Biometric online voting system uses aadhaar card to retrieve the complete details about the voter. And the votes are stored in a blockchain server and viewed to the public this ensure a trustworthy environment