Two-Cloud Secure Database for Numeric-Related SQL Range Queries with Privacy Preserving (Jul-2017)


To propose two-cloud secure architecture in order to provide privacy preservation for various numeric-related range queries with a series of intersection protocols.

Proposed system:

We introduce a secure two-cloud database service architecture, where the two clouds are non-colluding namely cloud-A and cloud-B and both of them know only part of knowledge. Based on this architecture, we further propose a series of interaction protocols for a client to conduct numeric-related query over encrypted data from remote cloud servers. The numeric-related query includes common query statements, such as greater than, less than, between, etc. The two clouds work together to respond each query request from the client / authorized users (availability). For privacy concerns, these two clouds are assumed to be non-colluding with each other, and they will follow the intersection protocols to preserve privacy of data and queries (privacy).