WE-Safe: A Wearable IoT Sensor Node for Safety Applications via LoRa


The main aim of this project is to develop intelligent street lighting services model based on LoRa technology..

Existing system:

In the existing system, In the existing system, environmental monitor is monitored manually. No existing automated system is been implemented practically. As it is been done manually it has its own draw backs. To overcome these drawbacks a new unique system is been developed based on the latest trending technology LoRA.

Proposed system:

In the proposed system, Forest disaster monitor system is implemented using LoRa technology. Due to forest fire lot of natural property are spoiled, so the carbon level is increased, so the human health problem is increased, in the proposed system forest disaster monitor system is implement using IoT and LoRa technology. If the fire or toxic released immediately send to the LoRa gateway and updated to the server.